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Results Oriented Injury Prevention and 
Recovery Programs

Count on Us to Help You Stay in the Game

A growing number of preventable sports injuries are sidelining athletes. SSF helps athletes of all ages stay in, return to, and play at the top of their game through our sports injury prevention and rehabilitation training programs.

An affiliate of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention (, SSF helps athletes reduce their risk of injury, enhance their sports performance, and rehabilitate and recondition injured athletes, so they can return to their game quickly and confidently.

We will help you reduce your chance of reinjury by increasing mobility in stiff muscles so that your joints can move freely, and strengthening the muscles needed to enhance performance and limit injury potential. We also ensure that you recondition properly so you are not guessing how to do your conditioning workout.

Types of Sports Injuries We Treat

  • Knee (ACL, meniscus tear)
  • Head (concussions)
  • Shoulder (rotator cuff)
  • Ankle (ankle instability and sprains)
Visit Sport Specific Fitness for all your injury recovery needs!

380 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Rte 3A
Cohasset, MA 02025
“Great facility for athletic development or reconditioning after injury.”

- Dan McGovern, Physical Therapist
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